Accelerate the energy and utilities equipment design process

Energy and utilities equipment manufacturers face pressure to improve the speed and quality of their product design and engineering processes. They need to deliver new designs to their customers on time and meet their expectations for products with the highest quality and safety standards and that have documented compliance with industry and government regulations.

Solid Edge provides powerful, easy-to-use solutions for energy and utilities equipment design that help meet these pressures. Regardless of your manufacturing size, you can use Solid Edge to improve your manufacturing design processes and deliver high-quality products on time, enabling you to increase your cash flow and profit margins.

WDS provides a wide range of ancillary services, including blending, mixing, heating, temperature control and quality control. Its automation system for coordinating the flow of goods is custom-built to precisely meet the needs of the business. The result: Increased efficiency, fewer errors, time savings and reduced workload. WDS also has two tank cars ready to deliver on time to any destination.