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Safely storing chemical media – PE 100 Materials

Tanks for storing chemical media must meet high requirements: They must be perfectly safe even at aggressive media, high thermal stress and intense UV radiation. We offer a great selection of plastics specifically for the construction of round and rectangular tanks. They are particularly chemicals-resilient ,heat-resilient and easy to process. We will gladly advise you in selecting the right materials for your application. For construction of your tanks, we offer a comprehensive database of chemicals-resilient plastics and the tried and tested tank calculation program chemical storage tank.

Tank Terminals | chemical storage tank

Location is everything in our business. Around the world, we connect the supply of and demand for vital products and resources. Our global network of terminals determines our service towards our customers. We have the expertise to determine the right locations to store the vital products of today and tomorrow.

Chemicals in storage are at risk from fire, chemical reaction and pressure build-up amongst other risks. Because of this, it’s vital that chemical storage best practices and regulations are always adhered to. We’ve outlined some of the key chemical storage principles to adhere to below.

Segregated chemical storage tank

Separate storage areas should be established for chemicals, flammable materials, and gas cylinders respectively. Storage areas should be easy to access, well-ventilated, temperature-controlled, and sufficiently lit. While there is no substitute for consulting the SDS for each chemical, certain conventions apply – such as not storing acids and alkalis together, strong acids with organic substances, or oxidizing substances with oxidizable materials. You can find more information on safe segregation of chemicals in this.

Safe flammable chemical storage tank

Flammable materials should be secured in an approved, dedicated flammables storage cabinet, or rack-stored with a sprinkler system installed. The area must be clear from sparks, open flames or smoking. Storage drums must be fitted with pressure-relief venting caps.

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