jet a fuel tanks

Aviation Tanks from Steel Tank and Fabricating are stationary tanks manufactured for the safe storage and distribution of aviation fuels such as Avgas or Jet Fuel. Aviation Tanks can be manufactured as single wall or double wall tanks with either UL142FlameshieldF921, or 2085 Fireguard designs in capacities up to 30,000 gallons. STAFCO Aviation Tanks can be manufactured in carbon steel, carbon steel with an interior lining or all stainless-steel material.


The number one priority for storing aviation fuel is to avoid contamination. By law, any part of the tank that could come into contact with aviation fuel must be stainless steel so that there is no danger of rust contamination.

Our tanks have a GR 304 stainless steel inner tank with GR 304 stainless steel pump lines and fittings as standard. This not only meets all safety requirements giving you complete peace of mind but also ensures a long-lasting and durable storage and refueling system.

Another big enemy of aviation fuel is water. The excess build-up of condensation within a storage tank can lead to fuel being comprised in two ways:

  1. Water and fuel being drawn from the storage tank and transferred to the aircraft.
  2. Water promoting the growth of microbes which degrade fuel quality over time. Contaminated jet a fuel tanks transferred to the aircraft

Both potentially leading to catastrophic engine failure, something best avoided at all cost.

jet a fuel tanks

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