storage tank companies

Storage Tank Basics

storage tank companies Industrial storage tanks are normally grouped into two broad categories: above-ground and underground. Underground storage allows an operator to use all of the surface real estate that would normally be occupied by a tank.

One example is gasoline storage tanks at any service station. In this situation, having tanks above ground would actually be more hazardous due to the possibilities of a vehicle striking them, tampering and fuel theft. There is also the space for parking and fuel pumps that would be lost by the tanks’ footprint.

The downside is that these tanks can present serious problems if they ever develop a leak. Because of this they are more stringently regulated than their above-ground counterparts.

Above-ground tanks are easier to maintain, less expensive and less heavily regulated. Some are designed to be portable such as the smaller variants used for water storage in agriculture.

Part of the quest to ensure safety is continuous inspection and testing of tanks. While repetitive, their purpose is to identify and repair potential hazards before they manifest as an accident.

Tank Connection is the global leader in dry bulk and liquid storage systems, providing a complete performance package to suit our client’s needs. Tank Connection designs, manufactures and installs all four major steel storage tank types including bolted tanks, field welded tanks, shop welded tanks and hybrid storage tanks. Along with our major steel tank offerings we have become a premier provider of aluminum dome covers and composite pedestal storage designs.

In addition to comprehensive manufacturing and superior service, Tank Connection delivers customized tank fabrication to suit the needs of your location. Expert industrial designers and shop technicians with decades of experience in tank production turn your specifications into a specialized tank built to last. Tank Connection provides the industry’s leading quality ratings, with customer testimonials and reviews to support each product. Streamlined, vertical integration of the Tank Connection family eliminates external costs and translates into leading competitive pricing and top quality.

storage tank companies

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